Instructor Training Course



Trainer Paco Raya 

Tel: +630123739 also by WhatsApp

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– Divemaster Title, Instructor Assistant or equivalent levels in teaching status
– Reach Right course in the last 24 months.
– Have at least 100 dives certified.
– Have the title of Open Water Diver or equivalent for 6 months.
** If you are missing a requirement or documentation contact us

Each candidate must have the following diving equipment for training in pool, sea and final exam: fins, goggle, tube, isothermal suit, knife, jacket, hydrostatic jacket, regulator, auxiliary regulator, pressure gauge, depth gauge, compass, pocket mask , Watch and 2 ropes of about 50cm each with a minimum thickness of at least 5mm. (For a pool or even a sea, a watch or computer must be worn to show the passage of time in seconds).

The student must provide the first day of class:
– Photocopy on both sides of all the diving certification 
– Medical certificate made in the last 12 months.

Materials required for the course not included:

Instructor Kit

Pocket Mask


No taxes SSI and exam


* The schedule of the course will be delivered the first day to better adapt to the needs of our future instructors

The price of the  course includes only the training of the same on the days mentioned, does not include fees and exams or teaching or diving materials

*VAT not included