This course introduces you to the teaching and supervision of confined water skills as well as theoretical exams of your open water students. You can also teach some Padi specialties and certify them. In about 4 days we will initiate you in the control and supervision of groups as diving instructor.

* Assistant Instructor course € 450. The price will be deducted in full if you later perform the IDC with us.
* PADI Instructor Kit, including: "Guide to teaching", OW exams, RES and DM, Specialist Instructor's Manual on CD Rom, submersible tablets of the OW, ADV, RES and DM courses 430 €
* apartment (usually, the candidates share an apartment, dividing the costs of this one among all)

The fees to Padi as always are paid directly, usually cost about € 105

What other materials do I need?
* Pocket mask
* Electronic table (eRDP)
* OW, ADV, RES and DM student manuals
* Encyclopedia and "Diving Knowledge Workbook"
* Compass
* Decompression buoy or inflatable surface signaling tube
* Your own diving equipment (except bottle and sinkers)

What documentation do I need?
Medical certificate, less than 1 year old in which it is expressly said "be in fit for diving", 3 photos, photocopy of all diving certifications and photocopy of the diving book (log book). It is also necessary to have followed a First Aid Course (PADI, Red Cross, etc.) in the last 2 years (you must provide a photocopy of the diploma or diploma)